Topic: 150mm Vivitar + X2TC

It took quite a while to adjust the TC to suit the lens... although I didn't quite get it hitting the sweet spot, it's close enough to show it works well with the lens.
I had to lighten the shadows a little which unfortunately has taken a slight edge off the sharpness. I think an ISO of 200/250 might have compensated better for the darkness caused by the TC?

I hope you like/find the setup useful?

canon 7D  viv 150mm lens (viv x2TC -21)  ISO 100    1/200sec   f8

Tiny dung fly (4mm +/-)

Re: 150mm Vivitar + X2TC

It's a nice result but the large aperture/shallow DOF has disguised the long hairs on the sides of the abdomen and legs, features which make the species instantly recognisable.

I occasionally drop to ISO 200 or so in bright sunlight but my default is 400, 800 in dull weather.