Topic: Oshiro 60mm 2:1 at ca 1:1 (=2:1)

A Tachinid, Gymnosoma species Female

I thought this was a very small Norwickia ferox as I was photographing it. Yes, it was a tachinid but another genus. It was the same type of abdominal pattern as Gymnosoma rotundatum but the dark markings were larger and the species does not occur around here.  The closest I could find in an image search was G. nudifrons[/] or [i[C. costatum.

This genus lacks the long, stout, erect abdominal hairs which are typical of tachinids. There is also yellowish colouring on the bases of their wings. Males have much smaller black patches on the abdomen.

It is said to be characteristic that they are very active. This one certainly was but only on one umbellifer (Wild Carrot) inflorescence, not much more than 2 inches/50mm across (individual flowers ca 2mm). It, to my enormous surprise, was there for about 20 minutes, constantly walking fast and turning frequently.

I had a problem with settings in Aperture Priority mode and shot the whole session in manual mode. There was occasional movement of the plant by a gentle breeze.

Olympus EM-1, Oshiro 2:1 60mm macro, 1/250 at f8, ISO 400, bright sunlight, hand-held.