Topic: First Macro with Laowa 7.5mm on m4/3

This is marketed as “World’s Widest rectilinear f/2 lens for Micro Four Third cameras.” It has an angle of view of 110 degrees, the same as for 15mm on full frame (but it is minute in comparison with the bulky 15mm lenses. It is only just becoming available. I placed a “pre-order” for mine at the end of May and received it last week

The minimum focusing distance of 12cm seemed useful for this subject, which was growing on the vertical side, inside a black plastic garden compost bin. This location is challenging for getting camera, lens and flash in position. On this occasion, I used all three flash units off-camera, positioned on the top of the organic matter in the bin. The main unit zoom was set to 12mm.

I had to use the rear screen of the camera tilted upwards at right angles.

Apart from the viewing angle, I experienced the same hesitation with focusing the ultra wideangle lens that I used to in my films days, then using such lenses rarely. This was my very first time for anything remotely macro. The lens is one of two, the other a Laowa 12mm, which are to restore the angles of view, and rectilinear images, on m4/3 that I loved with 35mm film.

The lens was set at minimum focusing distance for most images, at f11 for all. The colony in the second image is ca 7 inches/180mm wide.

Several of the images have been cropped vertically, some less so but horizontally.

At my first attempt to load these images on the host site, the system rejected the files as too large. I had to re-save the images as quality 8 instead of my usual 12. That shows how much detail was captured. It is years since I had to do that.


22 hours later, that extensive network in no longer visible to the naked eye and the organism seems to have retreated into small, pinkish bodies, which can just been seen to be forming in these images.