Topic: Oshiro 2:1 60mm Plus x2 TC on Four Thirds: First Images

I regularly use a teleconverter with my Olympus 4/3 50mm f2 macro and was curious to see how the Oshiro performed with one behind it. I purchased a Kenko 2x Teleplus, costing nearly half as much as the lens.

The aperture was set at f16 on the lens, giving an effective aperture of f32, where I expected diffraction blur to occur. It did and was dealt with by applying software.

All these images were hand-held and they are uncropped.

The subject was one of the smaller hoverflies and the field of view as 5mm wide (7:1 on full frame).

The lens plus TC were mounted on my EM-1 and lighting was twin TTL flash.

This setup is clearly worth further testing.