Topic: Sony a6500 and heritage lenses

I've recently bought a Sony a6500, to replace my much used and long suffering NEX 6.

I have to say this is by far the best camera that I have owned for use with manual focus glass. It will take a wide array of old lenses due to the very short focal plane to lens mount distance, it has  a superb electronic viewfinder, while the contrast detect feature appears to be much more sensitive and reliable than that on the NEX 6. In addition you can specify the focal length of the lens in use to get the best results from the built in image stabilisation, while it is now possible to also select the minimum shutter speed to be used with auto ISO.

Things have come along way since I first tried using old lenses on a Canon 20D, with its grotty (compared to what I was used to with film cameras)  optical viewfinder. Indeed I can now use old telephoto lenses with confidence using the a6500, knowing that the chances are that the focus will be spot on and, with a little care, camera shake eliminated.

I've written up my first thoughts on the camera here

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Re: Sony a6500 and heritage lenses

It always amazes me to see how modern technology is making simple things complex... I stay away from digital cameras for known reasons.

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