Topic: Viv 80~210mm (macro)

Found this lens at the back of the cupboard... neat wee' lens with macro (Ser No 77) - not much good up too f8 but at f11 plus a full set of extension tubes I took this... first hoverfly this year.
Not too bad for a 210mm don't you think??

f11 - ISO 320 1/200sec - canon 7D

Re: Viv 80~210mm (macro)

Macro at apertures >f11 is rarely worthwhile.

Yours looks good.


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The lenses of Kobori (Vivitar 77 serial numbers) that I know are good optics.
Good macro result with the hooverfly.

Re: Viv 80~210mm (macro)

Thank you guys, I'm trying out a few lenses that have worked their way to the back of the cupboard over the years.