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Interesting look back at the industry.



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I watched this last night. Yeah, it's hard to fault this guy's logic. At least he's holding out hope for the enthusiast and pro segments.

Something I've been thinking about for some years now is that I see the whole concept of "camera" going through an evolutionary change that will accelerate over time. We're beginning to see the emergence finally and it's only gonna increase in velocity.

What I'm talking about is the whole concept of what a typical camera does. It captures still images. Frozen slices of time, which can be very appealing. But nowadays people, especially young ones, are more interested in capturing the entire moment and they're doing it now by recording video instead of stills. They have outlets, such as YouTube and now even Facebook, where they can upload their videos -- many, if not most, in 1080p. And now there's the whole 4k movement, which is a resolution equivalent to that of a 24mp still camera.

And people are doing this on their phones! Yes, many cameras have this feature -- even my old, long-in-the-tooth NEX 7 records 1080p video. But the problem for the camera industry is one of convenience. Everybody has a phone these days and almost all of them are smart phones. Cameras may do it better, but they're not as convenient -- or spontaneous, which these days has become a big deal.

Anybody here remember the old Dick Tracy comics?  Remember his wrist phone/video device? It's only been within the past few years that technology has developed where a person can realize this capability. Although it still isn't on our wrists yet. But wait -- with Apple's new wristwatch, it's only a matter of time before a video camera is added. The ultimate selfie tool. Geesh.

Eventually, they're gonna figure out how to record video in 3D without a lot of special equipment and 3D playback can be done by donning a set of "glasses." Which will come with the phone, the way earphones do now. And people are eventually gonna have a problem distinguishing video environments from reality. Some won't even want to be bothered by reality anymore. They'll be fed through a tube and have a bedpan surgically attached.

We're doomed. Doomed, I say! DOOMED!

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Well, there's  one thing.........I  don't care  what,  the  cell/ smart phones  are  not likely to EVER have a decent lens.  And yeh,   I know  about the   "saddle"  lenses  for some of them