Topic: Dead Pentax LX

Well, I was juggling several things while standing in my tile-floored kitchen when my LX slipped out of my hands and, SMACK! It hit the tile foor flat on its back. It was only a distance of maybe 30 inches, but it was enough. The impact shattered the plastic frame around the viewfinder. Not that big of a deal -- I found another viewfinder on eBay in better condition than the old one for cheap.  But now, when I trip the shutter, the mirror flaps up and stays there. The shutter doesn't trip, though.  If I fiddle with the shutter speeds for long enough, I can get the mirror to come back down.

If memory serves, the LX has two manual mechanical speeds: X-sync and B. But neither of these speeds work now.  I got a ridiculously high quote for repairs from Eric, the US-based Pentax guru that everybody over at the Pentax Forum sends their old Pentaxes to. Heck, I can buy another one for what he wants. If I have to, I'll see if my local pro camera repair place will take it on -- probably for less than half of what Eric charges.

But I want to give it a go first.  I'm hoping it's something simple -- maybe some cog or lever got jarred out of position and can be popped back into place. I'll start by removing the bottom cover and looking around.

So anyway, just wondering if anyone here might know about about the inner workings of the LX and might have some pointers that I can follow.