Topic: Kiron 105mm vs Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit 60mm Macro & 90mm

I just did some quickie comparisons, on m4/3 to help me to decide which lens to use in a given situation. I used full flash to eliminate motion blur.

Each lens was at f8 and the focusing distance (ca 5 to 10 feet) of each was approximately such as to give a similar field of view. The venue was my kitchen and the targets some business cards, with some of the print in very small, fine font.

I have no way of showing the images here and have not retained them. However, after a number of trials, there was a consistent result. The Kiron resolved marginally more detail but the main difference was the clean, contrasty images of the Kiron against the slightly warm, less contrasty Elmarits.

This suggests that the 90mm Elmarit, apart from being the ideal focal length (full frame), is likely to give more-pleasing portraits than the Kiron. The Kiron is the better macro lens but the 60mm Elmarit is a very good backup lens.

The 60mm macro was originally obtained to give a better macro performance than my Tamron SP 90mm 2.5, which it did. Subsequent comparisons showed the Kiron to be marginally better for macro than the Elmarit 60mm. The Elmarit 90mm is not a macro, lens.


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Re: Kiron 105mm vs Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit 60mm Macro & 90mm

Very interesting results, Harold. So, to put it another way, your Kiron 105mm macro out-resolved your Tamron 90mm macro, yes? I conducted a set of macro tests, pitting the Kiron 105 macro (actually, mine is a Vivitar Series 1) against the Tamron 90mm macro and a couple of others. My conclusions were clearly different from yours. Call it sample variability, I suppose.

I published the test on my blog. You can find it here, and you might find it interesting.  Be sure to view the images at 100%

I should update this test to include more macro lenses -- I have nine now. And I have a better digital camera as well. The above tests were conducted with a 10.1mp Canon XS DSLR. I have a 24.3mp NEX 7 now, which should give those lenses -- and the others I've acquired since that test -- a real workout.

Re: Kiron 105mm vs Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit 60mm Macro & 90mm



When it comes to my main use of macro lenses for macro, I use my Kiron (actually a Vivitar Series 1, but that takes too long to write) and it is mostly at around 1:1 for full frame, 2:1 on m4/3. More important is that, at those magnifications, it is almost always at f16*.  (My recent quickie test was at f8 to be a compromise between wide and small aperture. This was with more conventional, non-macro use of the Elmarit lenses).

* When I, reluctantly, used it at f22 for macro I was surprised at the lack of diffraction blur.