Topic: Planning sunset photography

Hey people,
I've seen there are some photo apps for planning photos of sunsets, or just to get golden hour colors. Some cost money, some are free.

Last Fall (October) when driving home from work, I wondered when the sun would set, so I knew when to drive and get some daylight, so I started programming an iPhone app to show sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, but to test it I had to show sun and moon position on the display resulting in a bigger app. Now it notifies me when there is a sunset, either 30 minutes before or when it occurs. It is free and I had planned on having ads on it, so I slowly could save money for a new camera, which would probably take years, but Apple has closed down its ads system, so at the moment it is free and with no ads. If I figure it out, I'll maybe put Google's ads in it, but not at this moment.

When I had created the app, I saw there were some other apps to aid photographers - is it something that you use? It could inspire me to do other hobby programming.

The app in question is this one:

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