Topic: Lens collar for 3M5CA Russina mirror

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I am using a Russian 3M5CA mirror lens with my Pentax DSLR, the lens is the newer version that smaller and does not have tripod screw mount, I want to get a compatible collar for it, I don't have the right tools to measure the lens diameter, as far as I can tell it is about 78mm, and the closest match is this one : … uct_id=540

Before I hit the purchase button could someone tell me if that will fit, or somewhere else to look for it ? thanks !

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Re: Lens collar for 3M5CA Russina mirror

I don't have experience with this lens, but found a website showing this lens with a tripod socket: … MwhbKCwwLA

It is using the tripod socket for Canon L 70-200/2.8. Could be this one: … B0TK2V9K9M

But all the descriptions are saying, the inner diameter is 64mm for the Canon A-W tripod socket, so either the lens is different from yours or the description is not correct.

On the same Amazon site is also an tripod socket for 78mm inner diameter, the Canon C-W.

I do not know if buying by Amazon is an option for you, but Amazon normally accepts the returns without any trouble.