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Along with the second OM1 plus lenses I was offered by a mate offloading a load of stuff, he also said I could have this whole load of Bay 1 Rolleiflex stuff. Picture tells all with regards to the lovely filters, but the attachments on the camera are a Rolleinar 1 closeup (taking lens) and Heidosmat-Rolleinar viewer with parallax correction prism. This reduces closest focus to where you can take a really nice frame-filling headshot portrait with it. Oh, and the insanely useful Leica nipple cable release adaptor! Again, stupidly low price! :-) :-)
Yashica D with Rollei bits by SteveFE, on Flickr

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Ooooo, nice, and in good nick, too! I like the bokeh from that triplet Yashicor...

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I have to dig up my Yashica Mat. No triplet however, but a Tessar like lens.
But I still have to test a Zeiss Ikoflex Ib with a Novar triplet.