Re: Got any new-to-you Gear?

houdel wrote:

Bought a Nikon F3 HP from Ebay, $122.50 delivered. Very nice camera, near mint, only a very slight amount of brassing on the top cover corner edges where the strap wore on the body as it was carried, other than that no scratches/scuffs/dings. A week later I got a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI lens, $82.99 delivered. I scored big on that one, totally mint, couldn't even tell it had ever been used. It was donated to an animal shelter in Cali, whoever posted it didn't know much about photography & the description was pretty sketchy which I think turned other prospective buyers off. The pictures weren't the best either but what I saw looked good so I took a bit of a gamble, was the only bidder and ended up with a great lens at a really great price.

CONGRATS! Will you be posting any of the scans as they become available?  smile

I put that adapter in a safe place, never to be seen again.