Topic: unscrewing the front element of an Olympus Pen D3


I got a broken Olympus Pen D3 whose lens I'd love to use on my mirrorless cameras.
The lens itself has now been detached from the body, but I'm stuck at the step where I can force open the shutter, since I see no way of unscrewing the front element (there doesn't seem to be any way to remove the circular plate).

Has anyone ever done that, or know an alternate way to get to the shutter's mechanism on this camera?

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Re: unscrewing the front element of an Olympus Pen D3

This is an old post but for those who have similar problems.

If it does not have a small slot to insert a pin to flick it open then it's more of a screw type ring.
When I was cleaning my rokkor lenses, I looked for a circular cap from used bottles with almost same diameter. I would stick double sided tape all over the solid part of the cap. Place this over the plate & twist counter clockwise. If it does not budge then try clockwise directly. HTH.

Re: unscrewing the front element of an Olympus Pen D3

Or, similar to jun's suggestion is to find a rubber stopper of about the same size as the lens ring. It's the accepted way of unscrewing a lens bezel ring that does not have the slots for a lens spanner. You can buy a rubber stopper assortment from people who sell camera repair tools. You might try eBay -- I've seen them there before.

Aha! I found several different sellers, but these guys appear to be the cheapest. eBay item number 271568921468.