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Hi there,

I love outdoor and won't stop shooting no matter the weather, and I put my 'faith' on the Pentax. I used 4 different cameras from K20D to the current flagship K3, they all performed well except the K3, it completely ruined in a shower but the weather sealed lenses are all fine. The camera repairing cost while still under warranty is ridiculously high, I felt I've been cheated by Pentax, they advertised 'heavily' the water resistance of their camera but actually not the case, while still negotiating with Pentax I started to look elsewhere.

There are very few cameras on the market claimed to be weather resist, exception is Olympus and the new Fujifilm, and I will not consider Nikon and Canon due to their price and size and weight, not really suitable for outdoor activities. I am not familiar with mirrorless and Olympus so I need your advise, does anyone actually shoot in the rain with the Olympus, how well they perform ?

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Re: Camera for outdoor enthusiast

You might want to look at something like these? I have no personal experience with them, but you might have a look anyway. … 4185679681

I put that adapter in a safe place, never to be seen again.