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Actually,  and this gets  complicated,  I  will be changing  the wheels  and  they will be  grey. 

The rear  axle  is actually an  odd Ford.........what is known as a Ford  9"   which is out of  a  Lincoln  Versailles,  and  has  factory disk  brakes.  (So it has  4 wheel disk brakes!!)    It's  a  "just about"  bolt in  for a Dart.    Because of it's width,  those  Mustang  wheels  on there now    fit on and right under  the   fenders.

But  I recently  bought  a  set  of 4   later model  'Stang  wheels in gray.  They are  going to require  spacers,  which will be  machined  for the purpose,  as  the later wheels  are   offset  inwards  a bit more.   This  is  "what you can find  used" otherwise I could have  bought  them  to fit  for a lot more money.   (About 3X more)

Here's the thread on that: … p?t=237684

The  front  wheels,  which I like the looks of, unfortunately actually are  offset  TOO far  outside,  and really  while  "workable"  are not  optimum.  Those are  vintage   ET  brand  wheels,  and it will be easy  to recover my  investment in them.   I have 4, and they  won't fit  the rear  due  to being  offset  outwards too far.

At  my age  I just hope I live long enough  to get this all back  together.     I  scored  a new  /unused  commercially  rebuilt   360  CID  "short block."    That  with my old  340  cylinder heads and a mild  cam  should yield  a good solid  325  hp  or so.   This has  aftermarket   Holley  EFI  which I installed,  a  manually shifted  Torqueflite   (I cannot  row  a gearbox anymore)   and  with about  3300 RPM at  70 mph,  is  "way too much fun."

I  did get some  good  moon shots the other night,  but  it doesn't  exactly  qualify here, as this is  an AF lens,  even though I did  use   MF.    This  lens  was a FIND.  This was  an  early model  Canon   300 mm L 2.8, non IS.   The seller warned me  the AF  is  wrong, and I got it for only 400 bux  US  or so.   But the  Canon 7D  has   focus  offset in the menu, and I  was  able to compensate.        Here's  some photos  from the other night … p?t=239627

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This  is one of the best photos  I've ever   caught, using that  beat up 400mm:

(I  HATE  the  "new improved"  Flickr)

full size  link … d3cd_o.jpg

I'm  so  shakey, anymore, I can't worry  about trying to capture  "prop blur."    I simply  must  crank the  shutter  way up

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Your picture of   B-25 is superb , perfectly sharp . Did you shoot it at Fairchild AFB ? Have you had the opportunity to take pictures of a B-36 ?
By the way , I can't open your first two threads above : forabodiesonly...

I am a Pentacon and kiev( MF and35 mm) user,and also :contaxII,III,IIa  ,contaflex , contarex bullseye ,voigtlander ....