Topic: More new toys! (Zorki-4 + Jupiter-8)

I was a bit dubious how well this would work, having read so much about dodgy Soviet QC, rangefinder calibration issues etc, but I'm happy to say that my first interchangeable lens rangefinder is an unqualified success! Sure it's no Leica (the film wind/shutter cocking is tight and rustic-feeling although the shutter fires with a beautiful, hard, clean snap sound), but I'm impressed with how well it nailed focus just where I put it (this is very different after years of using SLRs, just trusting a little rangefinder patch rather than what you can see through the lens). And the Jupiter-8 lens has that Sonnar character of nice sharp foregrounds and a focus falloff that feels almost 3-D.

Pics are very crappy and just a rushed roll of expired Kodak Gold to check how things worked, but I'm very pleased with the actual look of them even if the subjects and compositions aren't very inspired.

DSC01648 by SteveFE, on Flickr

Snapping away at the first thing I see :-)
CNV00004 by SteveFE, on Flickr

And again:
CNV00006 by SteveFE, on Flickr

All over sharp:
CNV00005 by SteveFE, on Flickr

Close range focus test, right where I put it:
CNV00014 by SteveFE, on Flickr

And again:
CNV00015 by SteveFE, on Flickr

So, having done the quick thing of ISO200 colour film and one-hour processing, it's get serious time with a roll of Pan F 50 so I can open that lovely 50mm up some more. Results in due course.

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