Topic: Lomography Petzval for Nikon and Canon

85mm. ƒ/2.2. Brass. Waterhouse stops. Rack and pinion focus. Vignette. Swirls.

I think they've captured our aesthetic and look like making a viable modern product out of it :-)

Plus, with a Waterhouse slot, imagine the creative potential for aftermarket funny-shaped stops. Clever, clever, cunning, crafty buggers!

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Re: Lomography Petzval for Nikon and Canon

A gaussian bokeh... hmmm....

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Looks awful to me, but if this lens and the resulting pictures appeals to someone, why not.

Btw - I really like to see surplus money being collected from those hipster LOMO apologists. God knows what they would buy instead - a year's supply of soy lattes, a pair of new Woody Allen-spectacle frames or even... drugs! wink

Re: Lomography Petzval for Nikon and Canon

Holy S311t!!! They raised $1M on Kickstarter!!!!! … ickstarter

Is this for real?

Well, maybe this is the answer to the people who (like me) would really like to see "digital film" come to life big_smile.

Aahhhh... A digital Nikon F2 big_smile...

Anybody want to start a campaign tongue?

Maybe Nikon or Canon would make the thing if given suitable funds. I was thinking, say, a film back for some select models, but with a sensor and interface instead of a pressure plate (yeah, yeah, let me dream on tongue...).


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