Topic: Help cleaning lens haze??

I picked up a nice vintage Spiratone 400mm f/6.3 preset long telephoto lens in a package deal on Ebay. It is a T mount lens and came with a Konica adapter; I also bought a Canon EOS T mount adapter on Ebay. On my Canon 20D this lens has an effective focal length of 640mm!

One problem - there is some hazing on the ocular lens (objective lens is perfect). It is a light grey haze, similar to the haze that forms on the inside of the windshield of a car sitting in the hot sun from the plasticizers in the car's interior components vaporizing and condensing on the windshield. The lens sits an inch and a half or so inside the barrel of the lens so I used a Q-tip sprayed with Windex to try and clean it up. That helped a bit but there is still some haze present. Any ideas on how I can remove the remainder of the haze?

The haze is not noticeable when looking through the lens mounted on a camera. I took a few quick pics with the lens on my Canon and they came out OK but I'm sure I'm losing some sharpness due to the haze. Ultimately I'll probably send the lens out and have it professionally cleaned (the haze appears to also be present on the back side of the ocular lens) but is there anything I can do to improve it in the meantime?

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Re: Help cleaning lens haze??

As I posted in reply in "lens usage", I had one & understand how difficult it is getting to the inner piece of glass. Are you sure it's hazing & not fungus or rubbing?
I use Isoclene, isopropanol cleaning fluid... It strips grease & grime off glass... you could give it a try?
If fungus... the guy's on here have used toothpaste successfully
Hope this helps?

Apologies... I had a look in my spares box... Although it looks identical, mine was an "access 500mm"?

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Re: Help cleaning lens haze??

Hey, there.

Ooopppps... I hope not, but maybe you have the same problem I've come across a couple of times, wich is not really fixable: Glass corrosion sad.

Some folks here directed me to that conclusion, and aparently it can happen ocasionally with optical glass. It's the conditions inside a particular lens that promote chemical reactions of the glass itself, and there's not much you can do, the glass itself is no longer smooth sad sad sad.

It can be invisible in your shots or abismally evident: The first lens I got with this problem (older AF Sigma 75-300 APO), I test drove in the Doñana National Park (Spain). As examples, I got a pretty passable shot of an ibis-like bird, with the sun in my back. With the midday sun in front of me, I got a shot of a tree wich looked like there was thick fog all around tongue!
Really, it was around noon, on a bright, sunny day, and it looks like "The mists of Avalon" (enfasis on "mists" tongue).

Anyway, I did "repair" some lenses with this problem. There are some "scratch remover" products, for cellphone screens, wich apparently fill the cracks with some wax-like stuff, and disguise the scratches. Tested it in some lenses and the "fuzziness" basically disapeared, but obviously there's a downside, there will be no coating on that glass side, and that side CANNOT be cleaned, EVER AGAIN, as you will remove the stuff...

If the fuzziness on you lens is very evident, you might as well try it, the stuff is cheap and if it doesn't work, it comes completely off with lighter fuel smile.

JimH wrote:

If fungus... the guy's on here have used toothpaste successfully

I wouldn't try toothpaste on glass, it has abrasive (OK, very fine, but even so). To remove fungus, there are several "recipes", based on amonia, peroxide and water wich have never let me down (have to find that recipe, I'm all out big_smile), and there's always the good ol' cold cream cool.

Anyway, hope this helps.


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Re: Help cleaning lens haze??

A known problem with this lens, unfortunately.  Best that can be done is to clean rear group thoroughly -- the haze will remain, typically in a sort of net pattern.  The lens is easy to open & clean.

Loosen tripod ring -- the lens barrel is screwed together underneath.  Grasp lens barrel either side of tripod ring.  Unscrew.  Rear group is accessible, easy to remove, disassemble, & clean -- make a drawing of the elements as they are removed to assist memory for correct re-assembly...

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