Topic: Tamron SP 2X TC help with cloudy element

I bought this converter for like 10 euros, with one of the elements cloudy and covered with spots.
Even in this condition it is very good and sharp, but contrast is very low.
I dismantled it and here is the picture of the problematic element . Can anyone help identify the problem and maybe a way to clean ?

Re: Tamron SP 2X TC help with cloudy element

presuming its fungus, i picked up a good tip on this forum. clean off by rubbing Aqueous cream (very cheap and easily obtained from a pharmacy ). then wash clean with soapy water followed by alcohol.
This may not be the best advice, but it would be my approach.

Re: Tamron SP 2X TC help with cloudy element

The creme works well.  In US is Pond's Cold Creme -- a mixture containing surfactants & mineral oil, which dissolve fungus remains well.  Tip, especially after seeing what this particular fungus left behind: rub only very gently until most of it has been removed -- some fungi make chitin, which can scratch coatings and glass!  Remove creme residues using naptha (lighter fluid), then lens cleaning fluid such as reagent grade methanol, and a clean microfiber cloth such as pec-pad.

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