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Sunday morning photo of one of my wife's many flowers.
Mamiya-Sekor 55mm f.14 @ f4.0
Canon 550D ASA 400

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Very  nice.   I  took this one  a few years  ago  when  I just  had gotten  trapped  in the G.A.S.  and when I had my  first  DSLR,  the old Canon  Xt/  350D.  This  is a crop,  the  original frame was  much  larger,  and no one was more surprised than I that it came out so well

Auto Sears/ Sekor 55mm 1.8

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Tnx 440 Roadrunner. What caught my attention was the mention of the XT350D.  I  use the 350D as the "throw it in the back seat and go",  camera and it hasn't disappointed yet.

I forgot to mention that I love nature shots such as this one of yours.  Living in southeast Florida I'm surrounded by interesting plants and creatures.

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LOL.   I still have  my  350D.    It  "made" it  several years  until I upgraded to  40D,  later  7D,  with a Sony and  Pentax  K10D  along the way.

UNTIL  one  day  I was doin'  SOMETHIN'  and  cracked the little LCD  face  where the settings  show.  It still works,  but  it ticks me off!!

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Don't feel bad 440.

I once had a Nikkor 135mm f2 lens fall off  of a 1.4 tele - converter - talk about cryin time.

With some JB Weld epoxy and judicious filing ( it landed on the mount when it kissed the ground ! ) I've got it into working condition again.

It's not a question of whether or not the LCD will die but when.  Heat, Ultra violet light, and time all take their toll.  You just hastened its demise.  I have expertise in these fields of LCD failure also.