Topic: Sony invest in Olympus

Sony Press Release

Well pending shareholder approval, it look like Sony is going to acquire controlling stake in Olympus ( 55% share ) . As always . its the fine text that's interesting. There is a paragraph in the press release that specifically stating what their imaging dept business development would be ..


Other than the usual saying to collaborate and develop etc etc ... the interesting and telling bit is that it says ( translated ) - Towards Sony, Olympus is to furnish Optical lens and lens barrel , where from Sony to Olympus will be mostly imaging sensor But there is a catch , since the phrase or word " レンズ、鏡枠 " in Japanese is really a broad term and can mean as simple as lens blank, all the way to OEM finished product, and the lens barrel part can mean anything like mechanical parts to all the way build up lens mount / shutter box module. It would be rather interesting how Sony going to place the M4/3 and NEX lineup and how the Mfr would integrate ( if at all ) them.

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