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DPR Preview of the cam

So what do you think, to be frank, I like the styling and the design, its a rational and good implementation , in the heritage of the old K-200 without breaking our bank account. I would want to like the Oly OM-D, but for its price and build, even the weather sealing become an anti-climax, and now Pentax come to the rescue.

I really hope Pentax can come off and deliver more of such ...

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I like it a lot, but I am still very happy with my K7 and MFT outfits. Now Ricoh own Pentax I think it has a great future and I expect to see a couple of new cameras that can offer a good alternative to Canon and Nikon.

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It is so close to K5 (at least from what I saw) that I wonder how they plan to sell K5? I was eyeing K5 for a while and now K30 came out which makes my chose more difficult. Would be interesting to see a comparison between these two cameras from someone who has k5.

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Well today I finally got a chance to test drive the K30. For a start, its styling , in real metal ( so to speak, or should it be in real poly carbonate ) is actually very much better than its look in photo. And yes it is pretty substantial and while I have not yet gone through the RAW in details. My gut feeling so far is its matching the K5 or even exceed it by a bit in term of Image Quality.

So yes, KPbICA, my own conclusion is that the K30 is well placed against the K5, and unless one really need all the extra the K5 deliver. Else wise, the K30 is already good enough as a Mid Range model. Perhaps the one biggest missing is the ( optional ) detachable portrait grip but that's not usually important for most.

In reality, the K5 had been around for quite a while and likely be replaced by a new one in the upcoming Photokina, Pentax likely is ditching the consumer approach to DSLR bodies as its better to deliver Mirrorless on that sector; therefore the K30. There is now a rumor that there will be a K5 replacement in similar style and form factor ( meaning minimal change to the body and body control ) but featuring a FF sensor. If that come to be, then the K30 really made a pair.

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As much as I diskliked the design of the K-01 I like the one of the K-30.
Not a classical beauty, but a modern and sporty look.

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