Topic: The CONTAREX book - by Pierpaolo Ghisetti + Marco Cavina

I got informed by my friend Marco Cavina that he and Pierpaolo Ghisetti will present their new CONTAREX book on Milano, June 27 at Galleria OPENMIND, Via Rovello, 5, 20121 Milano at 19:30 hours.

The book is about the Contarex system, manufactured by Zeiss Ikon Stuttgart from 1959 to 1972, with optics by Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen. It is loaded with 215 pages in A4 format (210 × 297mm, 8.27 × 11.69") with 220 images in full color, 115 drawings of optics, many of them also with all the information of the glass types used and 50 original MTF test charts from Carl Zeiss from that time.

Authors are Pierpaolo Ghisetti, a famous camera collector and Marco Cavina, active photographer and technical expert on optics. Publisher and editor is the well known Milano camera dealer Ryuichi Watanabe.

From that day onwards the book will be available for sale also, price is set to be EUR80 as far as a I know. … -contarex/

Here the official invitation:

And here the two authors going through some pre-prints of book pages, also showing the Italian/English text in two columns (left(right) as well as the high quality color scans and graphics.
(c) Marco Cavina, used with permission

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Re: The CONTAREX book - by Pierpaolo Ghisetti + Marco Cavina

Here is the ISBN code if someone is interested in that book...