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Great product video. … r_embedded

I can see it in the distance calling my name. I think we might be going on a date this summer.

Looks hilarious next to the already small Rebel T3. Once you carry a M43 with a couple of feather weight lenses in your camera bag all day long, there is no going back.

You can see its relative size next to the PEN with VF-2 attached.

Nice detailed hands on here

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I think this can start me with the M4/3 , a bit disappointed with the EVF. Being 4/3 sized and only 1.15X ( and with a 50mm lens ) that would means its actually quite a bit smaller with your typical standard lens ( 25mm ) yet still. Its the M4/3 native lens that I really lament, soft correction just not good enough AFAIC. Natively those are pretty lousy performance for lens of those price.

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The EVF is bigger that the viewfinder on my Rebel. Not sure what lenses you are referring to but I have the Panasonic 14mm f2.5 and the Olympus 45mm f1.8 and both are outstanding and better than any AF glass I've used at those focal lengths before.

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Once you get used to carrying a "man's camera," all those little one's look just a little "nancy-boy."

Picture borrowed from here:

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Sample shots up to ISO 25600 … -settings/

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The number of people whom I read on various forums who pre-ordered this camera surpassed my expectation.

As a long time OM-1/2/3 user, I am glad to see this camera actually being released.

Cheers, Will.


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Sandeep, that video is very good indeed. I would only hope that that music would play any time I pick up any of my cameras, and everything turned into slo-mo big_smile


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Japanese Media site Impress media post some interesting size comparison of the OM-D vs the classic OM Body

article here