Topic: Problems with Canon DPP software on XP PC

I have been trying to add Canon's DPP software to my father-in-laws PC which uses Windows XP. When i try opening DPPViewer.EXE   i get this message "encountered a problem and needs to close"  and i have to close it down Grrrrr spent most of the day trying to sort it but getting nowhere.
I have used it before on a XP PC with no problems, i loaded it from the Canon software disc that came with my  550d.
Any ideas on how to fix the problem?  he only uses the PC for photo-editing (no internet) and its fast enough etc but its got me stumped.
According to Canon's website its supposed to work with XP

Re: Problems with Canon DPP software on XP PC

Quick update:
I have found that if i put the RAW files in a separate folder (instead of CR2+Jpeg) i can then open in DPP and process as normal 8-) very strange indeed but at least its usable now.

Re: Problems with Canon DPP software on XP PC

I've never had that problem, it may be worth you going on to the canon site and downloading the latest version of DPP.
When you get to the site you have to select which camera you want it for, just pick one of the top range EOS models and it will lead to the latest versions of software, it will still be suitable for all the older and lower range models. As long as you have any version of DPP on your PC then it will let you load the latest version.

Incidentally in the tools/preferences menu of DPP you can get it to ignore JPG files that have the same filename as CR2 files, don't know if that might help your situation.

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Re: Problems with Canon DPP software on XP PC

+1 ramon's comments...

I suspect an anti-virus software conflict is causing DPP error.  Look in %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP for clues...

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