Topic: How do you organize / catalogue your photos?

Right now, I how build up 50 GB worth of photos...It is getting chaotic and out of control. I still doing it the old fashion way of storing each photos in individual folders.

How do you do it? What is workflow (excluding post process)?

Thanks for the tips.  :?

Re: How do you organize / catalogue your photos?

Well, i have almost 500Gb of pictures stored this way ...
First, i process my pics on the PC. Once selected the keepers and discarded the bad ones, they are processed locally.
Then, i use a 1Tb NAS server for storage/archiving. The first level of directories is the current year. Then, for each "sessions", i have:

<date in japanese format> <subject> <lens id> <camera id>

which gives something like:

\\NAS device id\Pictures\2010\20100823 - Birthday SMC Takumar 50 1.4 5DII

For me it's enough (at least up to now) ... But i'm planning to buy a second disk for additional storage ...

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Re: How do you organize / catalogue your photos?

Thanks for that. I also posted my help request here. Got some interesting response. … 43675.html

Re: How do you organize / catalogue your photos?

I also use YYYY/YYYYMMDD[shoot name]/*.CR2|JPG|TIFF etc. I then tag in lightroom, but I know perfectly well it's not "permanent" like the metadata owned by the program; for all I know in 10 years, I will be stuck with my original RAW image and program X or Y for doing even better developement...

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Re: How do you organize / catalogue your photos?

Well, what I did before was write a script that would this automatically.  Though, you have to set which tags is going to be used for every type of photo. 

For me at least, I make use of exif data to sort images to folders.  I generally sort them through the year, down to months and specific days.  Though you can also try sorting them through what camera you used or even settings.

With scripts, you can actually do anything you want.