Topic: Problems with SyncToy

Having bought a couple of external USB connected drives to back up my photos, I thought that my software problems were over when I discovered the freebie SyncToy. This will back up your directories in a variety of ways, including just adding what is new.

Unfortunately I have encountered a problem due to the fact that I normally don't have the drives powered up, and when they are connected, they typically adopt different drive letters to those used originally. No problem I thought, use disc manager to change the drive letter. Sadly not, SyncToy doesn't like this!

Any suggestions?

Edit - Ignore this as the ravings of a diseased mind. Tried again today and it worked fine!

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Re: Problems with SyncToy

I used to use synctoy, but found it a bit hit and miss, since moving to '7 i had to find an alternative, because synctoy is not available for win 7 (or at least not the 64 bit version) I now use allway sync