Topic: Posting Rule(s)

Well, there's only one really, I'm not much for rulebooks ;-)

Anyway, the naming convention for topics is as follow:
<camera manufacturer name> <lens name> <focale range>mm f<aperture range> <anything else>

"Pentax Takumar SMC 135mm f3.5 (The first one)"
But not:
"Takumar 3.5/135" or "Takumar 135 f/3.5"
Even if it's whats written on the lens ring; I know everyone has their own way of writing aperture range for example, but we're just trying to be consistent here...

Please include the camera manufacturer name as well as the lens range name, like "Olympus Zuiko" and "Nikon Nikkor".

This is all for ease of searching, even if slightly more verbose...

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