Topic: Bonjour!

Salut, no polevous Francais sad

Moi polevous le petit Francais!

Tres droll!

Beanvenue alecole Manual Focus Forum smile

Maine :

Moi + Petit Belle :

Petit Belle :

Petit est tres bon :


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Re: Bonjour!

Hello from Maine, USA.

I can't speak or write French very well at all!

I studied it for only one year, about 24 years ago in school. I like it smile

I saw this forum was all French and I can't understand what it is about but I thought I'd join in smile


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Re: Bonjour!


I am a Pentacon and kiev( MF and35 mm) user,and also :contaxII,III,IIa  ,contaflex , contarex bullseye ,voigtlander ....

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Thank you for the kind welcome. I had to cheat! I used 'translation software' to read it.

I have forgotten most of the French I learned as a child sad

I live in Maine with my daughter Chloe. I like the lighthouses very much.

I am not a lighthouse keeper - for work I fix computers.

Though I would like to be a lighthouse keeper - that would be nice smile

Have fun!

Re: Bonjour!

It took some effort to decipher your franglais!   Polevous?  Ovwar?  Awesome wink

(Je sais que c'est la forum fran

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Re: Bonjour!

Hi Walter smile

Re: Bonjour!

eh wink

Re: Bonjour!

Heh oui, il y a une une poign

Canon 5DII and a few lens -- Tachihara 8x10. Chamonix 45N-1, Crown Graphic 4x5. Moskva, Zeiss Super Ikonta C
Bronica S2A, Agfa Super Isolette, Iskra, Rolleiflex. Leica M2, Bessa R, Zorki 1,3,3M and a few more...