Topic: First leaf shutter repair. Prontor I

Got the Prontor I with a 75/4.5 Ensar in a very shoddy condition. Dirt everywhere, self-timer takes a minute and the shutter was a nightmare. Was to be expected though. We all know what Rocky means when he says mint condition.

Anyway, after hours of amusing myself by fiddling with it, it became apparent that the problem was the "anchor" which slows down the shutter delaying gear (anchor shown in red). I stripped the delay mechanism and filed the other side of the anchor a tiny bit. The problem was that the spring-loaded arm stuck every time at 1/50 and 1/25 just before the shutter should have closed. The other side of the anchor catched on the gear and got stuck.

I'm very happy with it now. The lens is clean and the shutter works like new. Amazingly enough, it's pretty accurate. Off half a stop at max.

Oh, and buze. It took me fifteen minutes to get that small spring-lock to fit (to keep down the anchor) with a needle and the smallest screwdriver I have. Is there a trick to setting them? The larger one (to keep down the delayment arm) was considerably easier though.

EDIT: Next stop, adding PC sync.

Yes, I had some help from my friend silver polishing cream.

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