Topic: Mercedes 300SL Convertable Through Laowa 7.5mm on EM-1

This rectilinear lens has only just been released.(m4/3 only). I bought it for my Olympus EM-1,

I decided to try it out this morning, at a classic car event in the car park of out local pub. It was a bright sunny morning, with the sun mostly on the fronts or rears of the cars. (Many of the other images were with the, fully manual, Laowa 12mm rectilinear lens, also just released).

I found that I could crouch down between two parked cars, the one behind almost touching me. The first three images were with the lens (fully manual) probably on f8, possibly f11 for the interior shot.

I had to rotate the images (front and rear views) by 3 or 2 degrees, orientation being difficult with such a lens, especially when hand-held.

The final image was with an Olympus 4/3 50mm f2 macro lens.