Topic: K+F Concept Adapter-Contax/Yashica to EOS chipped by Fotodiox

I am dealing with the problems mounting Zeiss(or any Contax/Yashica)-lenses to EOS.
There are multiple problems all related mainly on the lense locker/lever/blade which is holding lens. K+F concept not only has thickes lever/blade 0.7mm versus 0.22-0.4mm which are too thin but adapter itself is thin enough that unadjusted lenses/not adjusted precisely to infinity will reach infinity with this adapter. lenses go beyond infinity.
But K+F Concept which is offering very affordable adapters and which are especially built to hold these lenses(see extra springs) does not add chips. they are all chipless.
Have no found Fotodiox offering a chipped C/Y-EOS-adapter.
But there is a most perfect chip from Tagotech for EOS cameras. It has ettl exclusively to drive canon-flashes(or compatible ones) properly. Not only that: programming is very easy. and finetuning focuspoint. and exif-data showing FL and open aperture.
I told Fotodiox to mount this Tagotech-chip on the K+F Concept adapter.
This in coincidence by my procedure to mount it myself. started it several months ago.
mounting  Tagotech-chip to T2-EOS is much easier thanks to simple adapter-construction. It is actually attached with doubletape but not with superglue-gel yet. attaching-procedure must be done very precisely since otherwise chip could lose contact.
To mount Tagotech to K+F concept there is a small problem, delivered L-steel(sort of basement) is not thick enough for the chip to reach camera-contacts. I will ask Tagotech to offer an new one. meanwhile i must add a 0.3mm shim to get the right heigth.
1. shim to adapter 2. l-steel to shim 3. chip ontop of L-steel
Check tagotech-site.
When i have done more of these works i will show a report-during summer.
optixpcb is a good alternative but dont get their adapter, only chip. leitax can deliver/mount or check ebay maybe. they do not want to recompensate non-working highprecision(a joke)-adapter with their chip(is losing contact). they do not send the money 92 chf back nor do they reply. but i will put fire under their a....
Optixpcb has exclusive 3 memories for 3 lenses and the same easy programming. switching from M to AF(Trapfocussing) outside menue on camera. the same with tagotech-chip.
Maybe Fotodiox is using EMF-chip. must certainly programmable but they do not write....