Topic: Schneider HM40: Tiny Mystery Fungus Sphere on Twig

When I was photographing some fungi and slime moulds on twigs I noticed some spherical, greyish, scale-covered bodies. I retained the twigs and waited for these to develop and reveal their identity. For many days they retained their spherical shape, about 1mm diameter. Then they started to grow, with a stalk becoming invisible below, they were tiny mushrooms, becoming white as they grew. To date, they are no more than about 4mm high and with caps of three millimetre diameter.

I believe these to be a species of Marasmius, many species of which are tiny and with widely-spaced gills.

These were shot with two setups on my EM-1. My usual Schneider HM 40, reversed on a x 1.5 Kiron TC, gives a FOV 6mm wide. A few more tubes behind it takes that to 3mm wide. The last one of the single frames and of the stereo pairs were with my usual Kiron 105, at maximum magnification gives ca 17mm wide, narrowed to ca 12mm via a x1.5 TC. All were at f16 and lit by triple TTL RC flash in camera manual mode. Hand-held, with support from the substrate.

The stereos are crosseye.