Topic: Kiron 105: Cinnamon Porecrust Fuscoporia ferrea

Another Resupinate or Crust Fungus. This is not one of the toothed group but a Poroid one "having pores in the hymenophore" (the brown bits but don't ask for further details!). This species has spent time in both the mushroom genus Boletus and bracket fungus genus Phellinus.

This one was on the cut base of a felled birch trunk and was something like 20cmm across. It is quite a common species.

The green area is lichen-covered.

There is a tiny beetle (similar size to Pollen Beetle) at the top of the image, about central. You can see its tiny legs.

EM-1, Kiron 105, f16, twin TTL flash, hand-held.


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