Topic: Kiron 105: Cranefly, Female Tipula paludosa

I am surprised that I got a good series of images of this individual. The wind often gusted strongly and my approach from the side caused my lower body to press against the currant bush and move the stems.

I am fairly confident in naming this species. It lacks and significant patterns or colours and the wings are shorter than the abdomen. It is a common and widespread species.

The stereos are crosseye.

EM-1, Kiron 105m f16, twin TTL flash, hand-held.


Re: Kiron 105: Cranefly, Female Tipula paludosa

Great detail again Harold, they are so stretched out I always find it difficult deciding where to focus. wink
I managed to get a couple of shot of one last week using the Vivitar 150 I'll have a look through the folders?