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I accidentally opened my 35MM with the film still in it.  I had taken 20 out of 24 exp.  Should I just throw it out?  Is there a chance some of it is still there?

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Hey, there.

Well, it depends hmm... How long was the back open? Were you at home with dim lights, or out in the midday sun in the Sahara? What was the film's ISO rating?

It's likely that the 2 to 3 last shots are gone, but the previous ones may be OK (as they were more secluded in the camera, rolled in the take-up spool, and the more recend ones will also shade the older ones).

I'd say use the last shots (those were still in film canister, so should have no problem - at least not from opening the camera wink) and develop the film. If you're lucky, you'll save at least some of the shots, if not, well, one development will probably not break the bank wink.

If you just toss it, you'll never know...

Let us know how it turns out.


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Re: Camera Opened With Film In It

I have done that a couple of times. At least once, I realised the moment I saw the film extended. I slammed the back shut within a couple of seconds. Most of the frames (36 trannies) were OK. I should point out that I used K25 or E6 100 ISO.


Re: Camera Opened With Film In It

Well, I got my photos back.  A lot of them were ruined.  The ones that were OK look grainy.  I guess opening the camera, old film, and lastly Walgreen's developing have taken their toll.  Not to mention my rusty photography skills.  Ha!  Actually, there is one photo with an orange streak that looks kind of cool.