Topic: Fast normal(ish) primes comparison on Nikon crop

Hey, there.

Some test shots on 3 of my fast normal(ish) primes (link to pics near the end).

Today's subjects:

Minolta MC Rokkor PG 58 mm f-1,2

Nikkor S.C. 50 mm f-1,4, and

Nikkor 50 mm f-1,8 Ai-S "Mk. III".

The Rokkor I've had for quite a while, adapted to Nikon F mount. You can check my original post about the adaptation here:

The original post was cut some time ago, too, I'll try to repost at least the pics soon.

Got the Nikkor S.C. some time ago, in mint condition (one of my very best deals yet: 140 € for this, plus a Nikkor-Q 200 mm f-4, the Nikkor 24 mm I posted about yesterday and a Nikkormat EL, the first (I think) Nikon with aperture priority auto exposure, all in mint condition cool). It was, however, in pre-AI spec, and I've only recently modified it to AI-spec for use on my D7000.

The AI-s Nikkor I've had "forever". It's the latest manual focus version (looks a lot like the Series E version, but it's supposed to be different and slightly better tongue) and altough it doesn't get all that much use, when it does, it never fails...

So decided to see "exactly" how they fare against each other. "Exactly" because, altough I try, I can't really get the exact same conditions.

The shots were taken at the same time, with the same camera and with the same settings, but the Rokkor was shot in M mode, while the Nikkors were shot in A mode. This was because I've had some inconsistencies regarding aperture with the Rokkor: one f-stop in the lens doesn't quite match one f-stop in the camera's shutter speed (I've adjusted at f-5,6 and f-11, IIRC). Also, notice that the Rokkor does NOT have auto aperture.

Anyway, even with this, there is a noticeable difference in colours, but I've checked, it's not white balance or some such, so it's only the exposure (and, of course, the lens wink).

Anyway, here are the pics:

Rokkor: … 5Qttg-n5uw

Nikkor S.C.: … 5Qttg-n5uw

Nikkor Ai-S: … 5Qttg-n5uw

As you can see, the Rokkor seems to have much better colours and saturation, but some of it is probably due to a slight overexposure, compared to the other two lenses. I've focused in the top of the fence pole to the left (on the edge of the white top piece next to the blue pole) and recomposed (yes, hand held, too lazy to get the tripod out tongue).

Also, notice that, altough these lenses are mechanicaly ond optically OK, they have had CLAs done by me, including fungus cleaning (on top of the adaptations for two of them tongue), so this is only an example of what these babies can do (the one you have/get can be quite different hmm).

I'll try to post some real world shots soon.

Comments are welcome. Cheers!

Nikon: D7000; F2; F4; FA. RMC Tokina 17/3,5; Ensinor 24/2,8 Macro; Nikkor: S.C. 50/1,4; AI-s 28/2,8; Micro 55/2,8; 80-200/4; S. E: 35/2,5; 100/2,8; Viv. S. 1 105/2,5 Macro (Kiron); MC Rokkor PG 58/1,2; Canon FD 300/4; Pentacon 135/2,8.
Pentax: K20D; CZJ Flek 20/4; SMC Pentax: A 28/2,8; 50/1,7; M 50/1,4; Tak. 50/1,4; Tamron Adall 2: SP 90/2,5 Macro; SP 60-300; 35-70/3,5 CF; .
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