Topic: Been gone, getting old, bought 2 new(er) cameras---Sony NEX

Coupl'a  months ago was trolling  Craigslist,  and  don't 'member,  came across  some Canon  DSLR.   Thinking of  something  "smaller / lighter"

So  I went to Canon,  to check what THEY were up to  and ended up ordering  an  SL-1  refurb  with an 18-55mm  for  about 300.   That is a NICE  little camera!!!

Couple of nights ago,  locally found a Sony  NEX 3  for 80 bucks  US.  This is just the body, no lens.   So now  I'm sitting here waiting for an  E mount  to Canon EF  adapter.  I figure  I can use  my  OM/ Nikon/ M42  etc  adapters  against the EF adapter.      I'll dig around and see what I have in Konica and Minolta, and may order  direct adapters  for the NEX 

And  I STILL  don't have the 67 Dart back together.   Tore it apart for paint  in Nov 2013,  so it's been a long road.  Wish  I'd just left it alone and DRIVEN it!! … ol.255877/

This is what it looked like  the summer  before I tore it down........

67 Dart,  325--350 HP  360,  Holley EFI,  manual valve automatic,  3.7x  Ford rear,  and 4 wheel disk brakes.  Much improved front / rear springs.   It's not a restore,  and may never get finished.

It will have  Mustang  "Bullitt"  wheels  like  the ones on the rear, only  all of them  grey.   This  MAY be more than  I can handle,  in my old age.

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