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I am using Pentax APS-C DSLR with M42 lens, recently I acquired a Mir 1B, which is a Russia made 37mm/f2.8 lens, it is a Flextogon copy a very sharp lens. The lens has been altered such that the focusing ring completely mis-aligned, and has a ridiculously long focus throw of 1.5 turns !! resulting the focus ring hitting the aperture ring at farthest focus distance, not really infinity but only 2-3 meters away. What added to the problem is I am using an user friendly trouble free, non infinity focus M42 adapter with my Pentax, so that I need to push the 'infinity lock' little further to use the lens, I wonder if it is possible and how to do on this lens, beside fixing the long focus throw problem ? Used Russian lens usually came with stuck, half damaged tiny screws what locking the rings and body, there is little room for me to fix it than to break it further !

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Re: Mir 1B focus adjustment

Sounds like it's been disassembled and put back together with the helicoid start threaded wrong.

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