Topic: Fire Hazard or what??

I was changing out what I thought was a blown low voltage downer light when I found this in the roof space... shocker!!! what a fire hazard. I'm having them replaced with LED's... these transformers are in every room in my house!!!

Re: Fire Hazard or what??

Sounds like a nightmare.
Maybe this is a single issue, but who can that know?


Re: Fire Hazard or what??

I'm  old  enough to remember  when there WERE no external "wall wort" type transformers.   In my opinion   "the greate  mostest"   of this  junkue    is  poorly  if not  at all protected  against  overtemp,  current, and generally,  failure.

I can still remember  when every single item in the house....except for one or two electric clocks, the fridge,  and the electric meter itself.  was  OFF  by means of a switch  when we all went to bed.