Topic: Tokina mount interchangeability

Hi all;

How much similarity is there between Tokina mounts on different lenses, particularly with regard to the positions of the screws used to connect them to the lens bodies? I've got an RMC Tokina 24mm f2.8 in Minolta MD mount. I'd like to switch it over to a Pentax K  mount to use on a Canon 20D. I know there will be some interference from the MD metering tabs and aperture linkage pin unless I remove/modify them, but would the mount itself be switchable for any other Tokina with PK mount, or would I need to find another 24mm? I'm hoping I can just find any junker PK mount Tokina and swap one mount for the other.

Re: Tokina mount interchangeability

Hey, there.

AFAIK, you'll have to find  another Tokina 24 OF THE SAME MODEL for that to work. And even that is not 100% certain, as there may  be some other details involved.

I've done something similar (a Tokina 80-200 f4). Turned a Konica to a Nikon mount lens with no problem, but on another lens pair it was not possible (a cheap brand, not sure which).

Notice, tese are much more complex lenses, wich require replacing the whole rear section of the lens, not just the mount, so this is not "Gospel" wink . On your '24, it may  be simpler...

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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