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My Contax 139Q covering has had it.  I have already recovered it once before.  I pulled all the old covering off.  I actually like the way it looks naked.  Will there be a light leak issue without the covering?  There are several screws/metal sockets? that are exposed.  I took the camera into a dark closet and shined a bright light through the opened back and front.  I didn't see anything showing through.  Has anybody tried the Contax 139Q without the covering?

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I don't have personal experiences with a naked 139Q, but many of my friends used to work with this camera without covering. The 139Q is well known for its poor covering.
And as far as I know there weren't any issues with light leaks.


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Maybe you can get new covering here;

Seems like a steal to me at 14 USD

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I used Asahi before, his covers are super. I have re-covered 2 139Q's, including one in the 'sample pack' he had send me for a .... snake skin finish! I had made it as a joke/test to show my wife, and she LOVED it. It's been like that since!

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If your leathers have had it, you may need to check the light seals too.  If they are OK, the 139 should be fine without the leathers. 

I can also endorse the recommendation of Aki-Asahi and his leathers for the 139Q as well as light seal/mirror damper kit.  I also love his 139 baseplate covers. I order on line, pay with PayPal, and within a week, the package has arrived from Japan and he always adds a set of leathers, usually as has been said in a weird finish, for practice.  Great value too...

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