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Just bought a Zeiss Ikon Tenax,with 3.5 novar and 1to300th compur shutter,has anyone had any experience/advice on this model?

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I guess this is the Tenax I with its uncommon 24x24mm format? These models have a novar 3.5 lense.
Tenax models have been produced from about 1930 until 1953. Besides the more simply Tenax I there is also a more sophisticated Tenax II model.
Has your model a build in viewer or a popup viewer?


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Hello Hanoi,
My tenax has a pop-up viewfinder and a 3.5 Novar.

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Probably this model :

I am a Pentacon and kiev( MF and35 mm) user,and also :contaxII,III,IIa  ,contaflex , contarex bullseye ,voigtlander ....