Topic: Large format camera for a just a bargin

Please let me point out to this interesting project:

Wanderlust website

And maybe you are interested in some pictures taken by this camera

Flickr image set

I guess there is no need to mention that I am not related to this project.


Re: Large format camera for a just a bargin

Interesting project and beautiful pictures  , but who will process the colour  film ?
Thanks for posting Hanoi .

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Re: Large format camera for a just a bargin

I've noticed a bunch of large format nerds jumping on this and slagging it off, saying what's the point of a LF camera without movements, the sample pics are rubbish etc, and they have a sort of a point. The sample pics really aren't very good, and it's a very niche marketplace sort of product. Trying to pitch it to the Holga hipsters isn't going to happen, it's just too much like hard work.

I'm very new to LF stuff, but to me it's not really about a p'n's camera right now. It might be once I've made all my mistakes learning the traditional way.

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