Topic: Sony will announce A7r tonite

FF lighter and smaller than em-1. E-mount. no AA filter. Weather proof. Very good EVF. 2200usd for body. Suppoosedly brand new sensor, tuned for short flange.

You can see all sorts of details at sonyalpharumours.

Will be a great platform for manual glass....knock on wood smile

Re: Sony will announce A7r tonite

I was waiting for the A99 to come down in price!

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Re: Sony will announce A7r tonite

Re: Sony will announce A7r tonite

Pre-ordered the A7 right away, because I love my Nex 5N and want a bigger sensor. smile

The performance with wide angle M mount lenses seems to be disappointing on the A7:
Still, that's only a portion of the primes that can be adapted on this body.

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