Topic: Mir-1 2,8/37 Automat with Sony Nex

This Mir-1 Automat is a lens designed for the Kiev-10/15  SLR . The mount is special to this camera and I don't know any adapter  for any other camera .
On the net ,  I found that : … l-Cameras/
and I used the third method : I bought a Canon FD -Nex adapter and I glued a Kiev 15  lens mounting flange (from a plastic  lens case) on it . It works well and easily for a  clumsy person as me .

Yesterday I shot this pictures in the hills near Toulon , it was a beautiful  Spring day  ;

The stone arch:

Wild Tulips and Lily of the Valley :

This lens can focus down to 24 cm

I am a Pentacon and kiev( MF and35 mm) user,and also :contaxII,III,IIa  ,contaflex , contarex bullseye ,voigtlander ....

Re: Mir-1 2,8/37 Automat with Sony Nex

Hey, there.

Very nice pics, but I have some questions, regarding the lens.

I have an M42 version, don't use it much, and really don't know why, as I kinda like the results...

Anyway, in your 7th pic (looking up to the cliff), it seems the flare takes a pentagon shape (i.e., the iris is 5-bladed).

Is it so? I thought the Mir 1 was a preset with an old-school 10 bladed iris...

I see yours is an Automat version, for the Kiev 10/15, is it very different from the "regular" M42?

Anyway, as I said, nice pics and nice lens (particularly like the "stone arch" ones).


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Re: Mir-1 2,8/37 Automat with Sony Nex

Thanks Glimavitor ,
  Yes it's a 5- bladed  iris  . This lens has a particular design , it's a very compact lens like all the automat lenses but the 20mm which has a large front lens and is quite heavy . They have a  short focusing, distance : the Jupiter 11 at 1,2m , the Jupiter 9 at 1,2m , the Helios 81 at 0,36m , the Mir-1 at 0,24m and the Mir 20 at 0,3m . You can get them for a relatively low price compared to their M42 siblings . The adapter for the Nex cost me 15 Euros .
I have also the Mir-1 "Grand prix " Brussels 1958  in M42 ; ,it's heavy chromed with a minimum distance of 0,7m . I don't know if the optical scheme is the same but I am sure that it's a very nice lens .Here is a pic at f8 :

I am a Pentacon and kiev( MF and35 mm) user,and also :contaxII,III,IIa  ,contaflex , contarex bullseye ,voigtlander ....