Topic: Zeiss Ultron 50mm f1.8

This is a test of the Ultron, all pics were taken using a Canon 50D and focussing was done manually in live view . I didn't test at f2 because that aperture is unmarked on the Ultron.

Crops are 100%, normal sharpening applied to raw files but all pictures treated equally.

First of all the full frame :

Now the crops :

Bokeh at f1.8

Bokeh at f4.0

Finally a couple of 100% crops of a distant views, near infinity, both at f5.6, no additional sharpening and no CA removal.

I think this lens may just be a keeper !

Images edited 31/03/12 comparison images of Canon 50mm removed because of unfair comparison.

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Re: Zeiss Ultron 50mm f1.8

Stunning sharpness. EF 50/1.4 is a dog!


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Re: Zeiss Ultron 50mm f1.8

I am surprised by the bad performance of the EF lens. Are you positive that focus was spot-on?

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Re: Zeiss Ultron 50mm f1.8

I was also surprised at the poor performance of the Canon and have since carried out some more tests. I have previously had some excellent results with this lens so it should have been better.

I have now found that the Canon 50/1.4 suffers with quite severe curvature of field which shows up at wide apertures and it certainly isn't suitable for a test like this where the subject is flat. This together with the physical difficulty of manual focussing an AF lens gave me the poor results.

I actully carried out a comparison test with the Ultron and a Helios 44-2 and this made much more sense (although as expected the Ultron was the winner ), I wont publish these results because that is not a direct comparison with the Helios being 58mm and the Ultron 50mm.

Anyway the purpose of the test was to see how good the Ultron was and I achieved that without needing a comparison.

I will remove the canon samples from my original post to save any confusion for later readers.

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Re: Zeiss Ultron 50mm f1.8

5D, f1.8, ISO100
Carl Zeiss Ultron 1.8/50 @ f1.8

and a picture of the lens itself in its natural environment smile

Re: Zeiss Ultron 50mm f1.8

A very nice cat : a beautiful in focus sharp head and a progressive bokeh .
I appreciate also the natural environment of this lens !

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