Topic: How do you clean rust from your camera ?

Hello everybody,

I got myself a Fuji GW690 an it is a little bit rusty ( cosmetically ), also the white on the aperture and distance scales on the lens have a grey colour. What do you take to clean things up, esp. rust from the old cameras ?

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Re: How do you clean rust from your camera ?

Isopropanol or lighter fuel with a toothbrush will clean the recessed printing without removing the paint.

As regards rust I usually use a small pencil type brush with glass fibre bristles to remove any loose or raised stuff, smooth down with fine carborundum paper, then wash it off with lighter fluid before painting.

Small rust spots in chrome can be removed carefully with a brass tipped brush and painted over with clear nail varnish.

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Re: How do you clean rust from your camera ?

Try using "GIBBS" oil if you can get it. It will remove most rust and stop it in it's tracks. It will even remove some pitting if you are very patient and let it set after a light application for 24 hours. It's not cheap. Works well on firearms as well if you collect the old stuff.

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Re: How do you clean rust from your camera ?

As with rust on cars, use a rust inhibitor to stop regrowth. This needs a thin layer of rust to combine with. Alternatively, use Hammerite paint.