Topic: Promising new tone-mapping software

It's PC-only at this stage, although a Mac version is in the works. (I'm running it via Parallels on a Mac).

30 day trial is available, so it costs nothing to try. I like it overall - image quality seems high. I had a few minor niggles, which I've sent to them to help improve the application. Also, you can't open a large file unless you are running a 64-bit OS.

It does more than just tone-mapping but you can see for yourself on their homepage.

Let me know what you think.


Re: Promising new tone-mapping software

Interesting, thanks for sharing!

Re: Promising new tone-mapping software

Seems interesting enough ... I will have to tro to work at this and see

Re: Promising new tone-mapping software

Seems to be interesting, but I can't get it working properly. There is a sepia/brownish toning on my RAWs...
Need to try a little more perhaps...

EDIT: "Photographic Print Toning" was activated. Don't know why. But deactivating helped. wink

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